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Jenna Cantwell, Cantwell Career Coaching

Jenna Cantwell, Owner

Writing Resumes & Raising Babies…

Jenna has 10+ years of experience working in recruitment, staffing, and professional services. Her passion for helping people throughout the job process resulted in the development of Cantwell Career Coaching.

Jenna started Cantwell Career Coaching in October of 2019 while she was recruiting part-time and staying home with her newborn baby. Shortly after, she was provided with a unique opportunity to help clients gain a more rewarding and lucrative career by following their passions resulting from COVID-19 layoffs and remote opportunities. Jenna has helped over 350 clients with resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile updates, and career fulfillment coaching.

When Jenna is not working, you can find her playing with her two energetic toddlers, crafting, having a cookout with her family, hiking with her dog, sitting outside in the sun, planning her next vacation or adventure, or making a bonfire in her backyard with her husband. Jenna loves the beach, nature, Baltimore Ravens, Maryland crabs, and live music.

Jenna Cantwell, resume writer and certified career coach

Work Style

CCC optimizes professional branding for clients through resume transformations, cover letter templates, and LinkedIn profile updates. We specialize in visually appealing resumes that modern hiring managers/recruiters are attracted to and we ensure all resumes are impactful, easy to skim, contain ATS keywords, and showcase accomplishments. We are big advocates for numbers and accomplishments.

Resume writer and certified career coach

The owner leverages

her investigative research skills to successfully transform resumes of all industries and levels. We are extremely diverse and adaptable, helping clients with all different professional backgrounds, including creative, financial, sales and marketing, administrative, medical, military, government, construction, automotive, project management, and IT. A standard resume can take roughly five hours to complete and executive resumes can take 10+ hours to complete.

Whether you are a recent graduate or a senior executive, an accountant or an interior designer, an office professional or a construction worker, you are covered with Cantwell Career Coaching. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach here…. all designs and content provided are unique, reflecting the authenticity and experience behind each client!

“When you stop growing,
you start dying ”

— William S Burroughs

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