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Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

If you're having trouble deciding what to get for your coworkers, bosses or virtual employees you've never met, or maybe you have an office-wide Secret Santa gift exchange coming up soon, we're here to help. Buying office gifts can be tricky... You want to get something nice, but not so nice that it feels like you're teetering on the line of professionalism, and you may not know everyone on the same level.

Black Friday is coming up fast so now is a good time to make your gift exchange purchases. To help out, we've found, researched, and selected Amazon gifts that will work for just about anybody!

Jenna Cantwell will earn a small commission at no cost to you through Amazon for the sale of any products linked. This small commission will benefit Cantwell Career Coaching and her family. But rest assured, we have chosen products that we believe could truly bring joy and/or add value to your coworkers' lives. Enjoy!

What are our recommended Christmas gifts for coworkers?!?!

BONUS: Most of these gift ideas have Black Friday deals!

Why do we recommend these specific Amazon gifts?!?!

Echo Dot:

A great little addition to an at-home office or secluded office desk to conveniently play music, watch the time fly by, or utilize Alexa. Don't be fooled by the size though, this little dot can still make a high-quality sound.

Candles With Messages:

Make someone smile by letting them know how tolerable work is because of their presence. Choose from three different scents and two different sizes.

Funny Coffee Thermos:

Most people run off coffee or at least tea. Drink whatever you choose together with a matching set of silly coffee tumblers. These are so unique and the perfect gift to share with your work bestie.

Funny Wine Glass:

For when coffee is not enough, give them something they'll appreciate every time as they wind down from the day. This wine glass has such a versatile style that it would fit perfectly in anyone's home.

Coffee & Wine Glass Set:

Sometimes you just need both! A little something to start the day and a little something to end the day. Plus, the cute words of encouragement add character and charm.

Desktop Coffee Maker:

There's a reason it's one of Amazon's #1 Best Sellers! Choose a cute color to match their personality or keep it simple. Every time they're ready to make their favorite drink to get them through the day, they'll think of you!

Gift Boxes:

Cara's personal favorite... a classic gift box. Who doesn't love a surprise of a box filled with different things that they'll actually use? It's simple but still has a pop of color in the packaging so you don't have to worry about the style not fitting their taste!

Funny Adult Coloring Book:

We all need something to get our stress or ADHD frustrations out right?! Give the gift of a funny coloring book. Pair it with a set of coloring pencils for them to use whenever they just need a break!

Coloring Book:

Colored Pencils:

Chocolate-Covered Cookies:

This one's for the sweet tooths out there! Another one of Amazon's #1 Best Sellers is such a classic, elegant and, of course... delicious way to show them that you care. (Note: Make sure to check that they don't have any nut allergies)

Luxury Pen:

Great for your manager, someone who recently received a promotion, or an office professional you aren’t super close to. If you're looking for a bit of a splurge, this is the perfect way to make a statement!

Gift Cards:

Still not sure what to get them? You can’t go wrong with a gift card! Here are a few options...

Starbucks (Pack of 4x $10 cards)

Amazon (Pack of 3x $10 cards)

Coldstone (Pack of 3x $10 cards)

Cantwell Career Coaching (you pick the amount)

Let's not forget that one of the best gifts you can give someone is the gift of a better career or salary raise! Cantwell Career Coaching doesn't just help people with finding new jobs, we also help people with planning for promotions within their current company. Purchase a coaching call for someone here or a gift card here!

Now that you have a bunch of ideas, it's time to get shopping!

Best Wishes,

Jenna Cantwell & Cara Anderson

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