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Top 8 LinkedIn Learning courses right now

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

The pandemic accelerated change and now, more than ever, people are getting more competitive about professional development. Enhancing your skillset is not only beneficial to staying abreast of industry trends and tools, but also for showcasing value and expertise. Whether you are completely happy in your current role or you are thinking of making a career change, you can’t go wrong with professional development courses.

Are LinkedIn Learning Courses Worth It?

Although LinkedIn Learning is not accredited and they do not hold the same value as a degree program or software certification program, LinkedIn courses are more popular than ever because of their short length, affordability, and ease of adding the certifications to your LinkedIn profile. As long as you do some minor research on the courses and instructors, there are only benefits to completing a course.

What Are The Top Skills I Should Target?

The course(s) that you should target will depend on your industry and experience level; however, there are some soft skills that you can target, no matter what role you are in or what your career path looks like. Some of the top skills to target include: strategy, time management, leadership, communication, and problem-solving.

Can You Put LinkedIn Learning Courses On A Resume?

Once you complete a LinkedIn Learning course, LinkedIn offers you the option to automatically apply a certification to your profile, which is super convenient. However, you can also add your LinkedIn Learning courses to your resume, depending on your experience level and industry. You can add the course completions to relevant sections, such as Education and Certifications or Professional Development

Top LinkedIn Learning Courses Right Now:

Cantwell Career Coaching has researched popular LinkedIn Learning courses available right now and we have selected the eight that we think are most valuable to a variety of business professionals:

  1. Project Management Foundations by Bonnie Biafore: (3 hours)

  2. Communicating with Confidence by Jeff Ansell (1 hour)

  3. Cultivating A Growth Mindset by Gemma Leigh Roberts (1 hour)

  4. Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing by Anson Alexander (2 hours)

  5. Customer Insights and Consumer Analytics for Organizations by Chris DallaVilla (1 hour)

  6. Remote Work Foundations by Mike Gutman (1 hour)

  7. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence by Gemma Leigh Roberts (1 hour)

  8. Agile Foundations by Doug Rose (1.5 hours)

How Much Does LinkedIn Learning Cost?

LinkedIn Learning offers a free monthly trial and then there is an affordable monthly or annual fee that costs around $30-36 per month. The best part is that you can cancel at any time, as well as sign up again at any time. We recommend starting with the free trial and trying to complete a course or two. If you succeed at that, then you can always keep your membership for a couple of months or a year, depending on your budget. Just remember to set aside dedicated time to keep up with your learning. We recommend time blocking out your calendar to include an hour a week for learning time.

However, there is more to an eye-catching, interview-landing LinkedIn profile than just having completed courses. If you are interested in having a career coach fully optimize your LinkedIn profile or carve out a career progression path for you, schedule a free consultation call today!

Best Wishes,

Jenna Cantwell

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