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Cantwell Career Coaching

Are you ready to elevate your career?!

Welcome to Cantwell Career Coaching, your devoted partner in scaling your career. Unleash your potential and reach new heights with our job-winning resume services and tailored coaching solutions. Your success story begins here, are you ready!?

About Jenna Cantwell

Former Recruiter and Staffing Manager who started a resume writing and career coaching business in 2019. Certified Career Coach specializing in helping clients get their dream jobs. A firm believer in never settling.

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Jenna Cantwell, Cantwell Career Services, Resume Writer

Resumes & Packages

Resume Transformation


This resume transformation can be used to completely overhaul your old resume or we can build a brand new resume from scratch if you don't have one. - The service includes ONE round of content edits only. - Final drafts will be delivered in MS Word and PDF format.

The Professional



Empower your job search with this essential toolkit designed to jumpstart your journey towards your dream job. The comprehensive package includes: - Resume transformation - 30 Days of unlimited edits - Targeted cover letter template - LinkedIn profile review and recommendations - Digital Application Tracker with progress dashboard

Strategic Success Package


Meticulously crafted to propel your career journey forward. This offering combines proven strategies with personalized guidance, setting you on a path to achieve your professional aspirations. The package includes: - Elevated resume transformation - 30 Days of unlimited resume edits - Targeted cover letter template - LinkedIn profile makeover - Branded reference page - Thank you note template - 30-Minute job search strategy consultation - Comprehensive AI career evaluation report and roadmap - 60 minutes of interview coaching/mock interviews - Digital job application tracker with progress dashboard and collaboration feature




Elevate your success journey with the VIP experience. This package is designed to make your life easier through every stage in the job search journey, from a revitalized resume to personalized coaching calls and beyond. What you receive: - Deep-dive consultation call - AI Career evaluation & success roadmap (70+ page Smart Career report) - Resume transformation - Second focus resume - 60 days of unlimited edits - Precision-crafted cover letter template - LinkedIn review & implementation - Branded reference page - Professional bio - Post-interview thank you note - 30-minute job search call - Digital application tracker & collaboration - Job Search Navigator: curated postings to kickstart your application process - (4) 30-minute coaching sessions for mock interviews, salary negotiation, and/or job offer consultations - Endless support throughout the entire journey via text, email, WhatsApp, or Voxer

Coaching & B2B Services

Tailored Coaching Sessions

$150 per session

Your path to success in 60 minutes! Experience the power of focused guidance with our (1) 60-minute video or phone session, allowing you to delve into critical aspects of your career journey and offering expert insights and strategies to navigate key challenges. You have the flexibility to choose from a range of topics, including: - Crafting an effective job search strategy - Application support to stand out in the crowd - Interview preparation for confident performance - Immersive mock interview experience - Strategic salary negotiation techniques - Informed job offer comparison Our commitment extends beyond the session, as we provide you with a video recording and comprehensive notes, checklists, and/or workbooks relevant to your session. Invest in a single coaching session and elevate your approach to career success.

Mock Interview Minis


Unlock your interview potential with Mock Interview Minis, a targeted 30-minute preparation session designed to boost your confidence and refine your strategy for any specific interview. Ideal for busy professionals and executives, these sessions offer personalized insights and actionable feedback, ensuring you're fully prepared to make a lasting impression. Book your session easily through our website and take the first step towards interview mastery. Give yourself the competitive edge you deserve.



We actively seek new B2B collaborations with organizations, business owners, and agencies. Our partnership offerings are designed to bolster your brand and empower your workforce, ensuring success at every level. Partnerships include: - Branded Executive Team Enhancement: Elevate your company's proposals with synchronized executive team resumes, professional bios, and LinkedIn profiles tailored to your brand. Our strategic alignment enhances your team section, increasing the likelihood of winning bids. - Military Transition Support: Seamlessly transition military personnel into the civilian workforce with our tailored resume writing and career coaching workshops. - Outplacement Services for Small & Mid-Sized Companies: Uphold your company's reputation and employee relationships during transitions with our comprehensive outplacement services. We offer resume creation, job search assistance, and career coaching to minimize turbulence and unemployment costs. - Empowering Unemployment Offices: Forge value-based partnerships for resume writing services, office discounts, workshops, and events. - Strategic Staffing & Recruitment: Enhance your candidate offerings with discounted or express delivery for enhanced resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Our partnership can pave the way for direct hire placements. - Local Collaborations: If you're in the MD/PA area and seeking collaborative opportunities, we invite you to connect with us! Elevate your business through impactful partnerships with Cantwell Career Coaching!

Why Partner With CCC?

Embarking on a mission to elevate your career often calls for enlisting professionals to streamline the process. Your journey to this point in your career has been a culmination of hard work, dedication, and achievement. Don't gamble with missing out on your dream job due to an underwhelming resume and an incomplete personal brand. 

Whether you're actively seeking new opportunities or proactively strategizing for your next career advancement, we're your steadfast partner, ready to provide expert guidance. 

Our founder boasts a rich background as both a former recruiter and an accomplished resume writer with certified career coaching expertise. By collaboratively unearthing your career milestones and achievements, we craft compelling brand assets that captivate hiring managers. 

Don't let a mere document or a job application hinder your ascent to the pinnacle of your career. At Cantwell Career Coaching, we alleviate your burdens, empowering you to channel your efforts where they truly matter.

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BRAINZ 500 Global - Jenna Cantwell - Cantwell Career Coaching - Resume Writing - Career Coaching


“I accepted my dream job!! It is truly a full-circle career opportunity that culminates my journey. I'm so grateful that you helped me bring this vision to fruition. I beleive the keywords in my resume drew this job to me.


Although I've never met you, you and your business have truly been a godsend helping me rediscover my voice and true passions. And while I've enjoyed working with you, I'm hoping we're done with the resume updates for a while!"

Amanda, VP of Brand Activation

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